D.S. -13

No songs for this band.


...of 1996 there was a band called Revive. Things weren't going all that good for them. So they split up. But 138 (bass) and Tom Terror (vocals) were not ready to give up hardcore just yet. Tom took the drums, 138 grabbed the guitar and 20 minutes later they had made 13 fast, fukked and furious songs. D.S.-13 was born. They had the songs, now all they had to do was find some other kids who wanted to rock. Unfortunately, the revolving door principle resulted in members coming and going. Lo-78, Manga and José Sellout all tried the bass, but none of them fit in the fukked up punkrock dream that infested the brains of 138 and Tom like a cancer. A singer was found in Jussi Suburban but unfortunately he was lost to the drug crazed, "killed-by-boredom", concrete TV wastelands of the suburbs. Rest in peace Jussi. Tom took t